Hyland RPA Product Summary

Enhance your intelligent automation capabilities with RPA

Many organisations are well into their digital transformation initiative and have already implemented technology to steer them towards a digital-first future. But the journey doesn’t end there.

To keep the digital momentum going, organisations have to optimise their existing solutions so they can extend the business value of their applications and start recovering ROI right away.

Hyland RPA is an end-to-end suite of robotic process automation (RPA) tools designed to empower your organisation to automate, optimise and transform your business processes with intelligent automation. It has the essential features your organisation needs to reach full automation potential so you can reap benefits such as:

Increased efficiency and accuracy by automating repetitive tasks for accelerated business cycles and reduced errors
Improved employee satisfaction and experience by freeing up employees to focus on more engaging and high-value tasks
Reduced reliance on the IT department by leveraging low-code features, simplified deployment and an intuitive user interface

Hyland RPA opens up endless possibilities for integrating automation with work processes so you can accelerate your organisation’s digital transformation and plan ahead to tackle business challenges. Download the product summary to learn more about Hyland RPA!