Brainware for Remittance

Reconcile payments to invoices in seconds instead of hours or days

It automatically extracts data from checks and their accompanying remittance documents, and enables hands-free reconciliation against internal invoice data. Payments are correctly and quickly applied, and users can detect and analyze payment disputes faster. Because minimizing keystrokes equals improved accuracy and dramatic efficiencies, there’s more time for strategic activities such as tackling the supply chain and addressing customer-facing needs.

Additionally, the accelerated cycle time provides near real-time access to the status of your receivables so you can make more informed financial decisions. You’ll gain insight into the overall efficiency of remittance processing — from receipt to reconciliation — as well as a complete audit trail of who did what and when.

This capture technology is designed to pull data from multipage, multi-table and complex remittance statements in a matter of seconds. 

Brainware for Remittance lets you:

  • Process a wide variety of remittance layouts, from any source (scan, email, fax and others), in any format (TIFF, PDF, DOC, XLS and more), and in a wide variety of languages and currencies
  • Facilitate more straight-through processing, even when payers combine their invoices while submitting payments
  • Extract field and line-item data without templates, keywords or scripted rules
  • Support remote document and check capture, including from distributed branches and lockbox locations
  • Integrate with a variety of other systems without disrupting business processes, including DMS, ERP and ECM systems