Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA)

Hear from Brian Mueller, Manager, Integrated Records Management Department, at the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA), on how his organization expanded its Hyland content services solution, across the organization in a smart, effective way with the help of Hyland's  Enterprise Consulting Services.

Video Transcription

Brian Mueller, Manager of Integrated Records Management at Colorado housing and Finance Authority

My name is Brian Mueller, I am the manager of the Integrated Records Management Department.

Enterprise solution: Colorado Housing Finance Authority

I work for the Colorado Housing Finance Authority. We are low to moderate income housing authority as well as a finance authority. We do small business and multifamily lending with an emphasis on impacting low- and moderate-income housing as well as economic business development.

Why engage with the Enterprise Solutions Group?

Hyland’s content management it's not just the project but it's a program. It's something that we need to develop, part of that also meant that we needed to bring in some outside expertise to look at what our strategy would be for the next three years, how would we implement enterprise content management. Now that we were done doing a background conversion and we wanted to go forward and do something more. So, when we engage the team, we were able to help use their experience and their expertise to really help us to develop a critical piece of information that could kind of sculpt the real path we were going to be taking as a future instance.

How has the Enterprise Information Assessment and ECM helped transform your organization and processes?

It's exponential what’s accomplished. Our cycle times have improved, we're building on operational excellence and we're utilizing it as a realization that without these tools we can't have that operational excellence or that continued practice improvement. The ROI or the return on investment has been cut across all areas of our business almost every single business unit is realizing it. The fact that I can have 85 people using the same document one time.

With 80% of the company able to actually share one thing at a time when before it could go missing or sit in someone's desks and the fact that they can execute the business decisions, it speeds up the way we do business, making us easier to do business, building our reputation and helping us to be a better community impact. Now, we are established a team of 3 people that work on the business analysis program management side as well as a core work group team that does all the capture and content management practices within the authority. That’s one of the key things that was delivered with this assessment as well as being able to establish how do we deal with like we have SharePoint, how do we deal with that the difference between collaboration and content management, records management in that cycle and where does each piece fit into that.

How important was the assessment to your organizational transformation?

One of the things i think the enterprise solutions group does for the customer is that they see the strategy from both the top and the bottom up. So, that means they can work at the grassroots level with staff to help engage them and empower those users or those inner champions within organizations, so this is not just being driven by corporate executives or other people but by the actual business units. I think too often times the corporate executive or a CEO has this idea, I'm going to bring in content management and we're going to do this project. But, while the project is going on, the business isn't feeling invested, there's not that adoption that's necessary. I think one of the things that Enterprise Solutions as they taken into account what the operation owners are dealing with what the business owners have to deal with on a daily basis.

They understand the user community is just as important in the investment of their solution and what they're going to be providing to that, say that executive that they're engaged in the process, so that they're helping to drive out value. Therefore, building adoption. The fact that they do that at all levels within an organization during their time and their sites or their vision of the practice is not only for that executive level audience but for the entire audience in the organization. That’s one of the main reasons that I see a difference in engaging them in services than other vendors. To me, it delivers a holistic approach and it is vendor agnostic. They're not always saying I have to buy a Hyland solution but they're saying we know what your pain points are or if we don't know what your pain points, but we're going to get there and then we will provide you a holistic vision of how you can get to the next level.