Corporación de Occidente - Project Manager

After two years of using Hyland's enterprise content management (ECM) solution, Corporacion de Occidente realized it wasn't using the powerful document management software to its fullest capabilities. Marta Julia Fernandez, IT Project Manager, describes how the company engaged Hyland's Enterprise Consultants to discover how to maximize solution capabilities throughout the organization.


Video Transcription

Marta Julia Fernandez, IT Project Manager of Corporacion De Occidente

My name is Marta Julia Fernandez and I work for Corporación de Occidente located in Guatemala. The Corporación has several companies. I am an IT project manager for Corporación.

Why did you engage Hyland’s Enterprise Solutions Group?

We purchased OnBase 2 years ago. Two years after the initial installation, we had the feeling that a lot of improvements had to be made. We were not exploiting the product as it should be, so we learned about the enterprise's assessment services and we decided to contract it.

How would you describe the onsite discovery and experience?

Personally, I became familiar with the process that is applied by the team. I could also see the managers becoming more comfortable with the team during that week. A lot of information was exchanged with them and I was very much impressed with the team to ask the right questions. They have the skills to understand and listen to the customer and they can provide quick solutions. I was very impressed with that as well and the team, they also had experience in different countries in the same industry. They have a lot of knowledge of how to improve things and suggest things and ideas to us.

What were the results and projects you’re moving forward today?

The team gave us an executive presentation and to me that was most helpful it really opened my eyes into the target problems that we needed to address in the short term and in the long term. So in the short term, we were made aware that even though we knew we had to move the scanning to the front office because we currently have it at the back office. We learned different methods to do that. We've started to work on improving our existing capture methods and the assessment has indicated different manners and methods we should implement right away to improve the scanning methods.

What advice would you give to other organizations?

Trust the EIA team from the beginning and provide all the information. Don't be afraid of showing the problem and challenges you have.

Would you contract Hyland’s Enterprise Solutions Group again?

I would love to contract the services for the other different companies. We also have a latex manufacturing company and it's a whole different industry. I would love this team to look into that because Hyland provide so many good ideas and insights to move forward to automating the process and becoming paperless.