Marion County - Bureau Chief

Joan Trendell, bureau chief, Population Health, Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County, Indiana, tells us how Hyland Global Services helped Marion County eliminate paper from its business processes and move closer to its goal of a paperless electronic health record. Together, Marion County and Hyland's Consultants worked to identify the right people and processes to build a best-in-class solution.

Video Transcription

Joan Trendell, Bureau Chief of Population Health at Marion County

My name is Joan Trendell, Bureau Chief, Population Health, Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County, Indiana.

Enterprise Information Assessment: Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County

We are part of the health and hospital corporation of Marion County which includes our public health hospital as well as our public health department. We provide all the array of public health services to the county. Within my bureau is a lot of the medical services that we provide to the public and so we have electronic health records and right now we use insight which is a public health information system for managing patients. We still have a hybrid as far as our medical records, we still have paper as well as our electronic system.

A big goal for me is to get down to the point that we have just an electronic record and that the paper goes away. We also are moving towards accreditation in public health and so that will require us to do a lot of document management and so we see that that would be another priority for my bureau. We'll have to be part of accreditation. I think that another goal is looking at the administrative side of our health department. We still have paper coming through that's hr-related, finance related and if we can get some of those administrative functions using OnBase we could get rid of a lot of paper processes.

What were your goals and desired outcomes of the study?

One of my goals was to make sure that we covered all the areas that we identified the right staff people to give input, not just the manager level but getting some of the staff that use our IT systems involved. Their input would be part of the process my goal was to look at all the ways that we have paper currently in our organization and to have a roadmap for our future on how we could use OnBase in further ways.

How was this executed, and did it work?

We had a process where we developed a list of the folks that needed to be interviewed. We set up those interviews, the team that came from Hyland was very observant of our time schedules and really didn't spend too much time but spent enough time with people. They were able to do the assessment and on-site interviews within a matter of three to four weeks and then they came back to the report to us. During the period of looking at the report, I was very impressed with the fact that they had really got to know our organization.

They used the right names of departments and people's names, so I think they really did spend enough time to get to know our organization and really get down in a detail to give us the roadmap of about 21 projects. Having the opportunity to use Hyland who we knew and had worked with as a vendor for some time was helpful because we just really didn't have the time and resources to do the extent of the interviewing process and putting the report together. I felt like Hyland had a good methodology because they had a way of doing some rankings so that the prioritization of projects was done and that was helpful to us.

What about the results?

We felt that the document was very well done. The presentation that was done was comprehensive, it took a couple hours, not a lot of time but it really went over the high points of the report. We felt like the projects that they identified really were the ones that we were thinking of, so it’s kind of reinforced our gut feeling but had data behind it to really support the report. I think we were very happy with the report.