Marion County Director of IT

Hospital Corporation of Marion County, Indiana, partnered with Hyland Global Services to design and build enterprise-class solutions that streamline business processes. Clay Whitmire, director of Corporate Information Services, tells you how services experts helped Marion County create a comprehensive enterprise content management solution that worked best for them, from front office to back office.

Video Transcription

Clay Whitmire, Director of Corporate Information Services

I’m Clay Whitmire and I am Director of Corporate Information Services for the Health & Hospital Corporation. We are in Indianapolis, Marion County and the Health & Hospital Corporation is a quasi-governmental organization that includes the public hospital, Wishard but they also include a Marion County Public Health Department. I work out of a headquarters division and we provide IT services to the headquarters division and to the Marion County Public Health Department.

Why engage with Hyland’s Enterprise Solutions Group?

In our organization, we have so many processes that become unwieldy as they use a lot of paper and we realized that we need to take more ventures in using tools like OnBase to get rid of paper but we didn’t know where to start and so we were looking for a starting point and so, we heard about this opportunity and thought, “wow, they can come in and give us a head start on this.” Rather than just us trying to pick one or two projects to start with, they could look at a broader portfolio and advises us somewhere we might best be able to start.

I wanted to come away with a list of projects that would help us for a year or two in directing our efforts and some types of priority order. Secondly, I wanted to know what it would cost to implement those projects in terms of what software would I have to buy, what services would I need from Hyland or another party and then, what would I need in-house to support that solution once we got it up and running so that we cannot keep this thing going and so, those were the two basic things. I also wanted it to be done by someone that could give me credence with upper management to where I would have a product to go and say look what we could accomplish if we had the resources to do it with.

Can you describe the discovery process?

We hammered out and it didn’t take long; a scope of services to how the team come in and basically what they did was, they committed two weeks to us to come in and do interviews and our job was to get people in front of them so we reserved a conference room and had Kyle and Tom to come in and they listen. They asked questions and they listened for two weeks and after they were done with that, they went away for probably two weeks or four weeks and then they came back to us with the list of projects that I had asked for.

But why not take this type of project on internally?

I think that there are three reasons to have someone else do it rather than us do it. One is that we simply don’t have the time, we are engaged in our day-to-day activities and we need to keep doing those activities. Secondly is that we don’t have the expertise to do it and even if we were able to ask the questions and do the listening, we won’t be able to transform that into a meaningful output. And the third reason is that outside consultants carry weight more than I do and what in their voice can help to be a solid instrument within the organization.

And what about the results?

In their listening, they were able to turn the listening to an informed document and it was so obvious to us that they had done their job well that they have insights with our organization and come up with something that we thought we couldn’t poke holes in. It was just a good, sound product that they gave back to us. Not only did they come up with the product, they probably put in more work since they came up with the product than we did. And coming out with the product and answering all my questions about what is going to take for it to be successful. It didn’t stop when Kyle and Tom walked out of the door and handed us a document. I felt like we had developed a relationship which is an important thing to do in carrying out any important endeavor and this is for us is very important.