Mutual of Enumclaw – CIO

Hear how Hyland's Enterprise Consultants helped Mutual of Enumclaw build a roadmap – connecting business strategy and tactical projects – for content management. David Wilson, CIO, of Mutual of Enumclaw explains how their Enterprise Assessment helped create a vision for how to grow the solution and move to a more automated and paperless environment. Today, Mutual of Enumclaw is continuing to expand its Hyland solutions, following the roadmap Hyland helped create. 

Video Transcription

David Wilson, CIO, of Mutual of Enumclaw

I am David Wilson. I am the Vice President of IT and CIO for Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance. Mutual of Enumclaw is a regional property casualty company and have been around for 112 years and we deal in farms, homes, autos and small businesses.

Why partner with Hyland’s Enterprise Solutions Group?

We wanted a road map for us and a road map is connection between a business strategy and how an individual projects that we execute on and so, we wanted a road map to provide a framework for us to make some of those decisions in and one of the things we wanted was we want to quantify results; quantified benefits that we would get them each of the steps and we wanted to also identify quick wins. We got that all with our assessment at our roadmap. I think it’s obvious why there’s a benefit in having someone who really has expertise in the solution and there’s a great benefit in having team involved that is familiar with your industry as well.

What were the results of the assessment?

We just went live with the ingesting of the chord form for new businesses and endorsements and we are currently in the process of identifying the team that we will commit to executing on this road map over the next couple years. Hyland also identified an individual that we worked with in the past that brings a lot of expertise that can provide some leadership over the next six months while we transition that role to someone internal. The way worked with Hyland was they spend time to understand what mattered to us and I think the result is credible.