Insurance integrations

Integrating Hyland solutions with insurance policy administration systems and applications is quick and simple

Our customers have integrated Hyland content services solutions into more than 500 unique applications without custom coding. And it’s not just retrieving documents - Hyland provides more than 30 different options for integration. 

Integrations with existing applications ease transitions to new software, improve user adoption and satisfaction and eliminate switching between screens to find the right information. Integrations also allow for faster document indexing which increases content capture speeds and eliminates the risk of human error from manual entry.

And ShareBase extends the efficiencies gained through interaction with insurance applications such as Guidewire, Duck Creek and more by effortlessly sharing content without user intervention. 


OnBase Accelerator for Duck Creek Policy and Billing

Empowers insurers with a complete view of their information so they can make better decisions, accelerate processes and deliver a better customer experience.

OnBase OnSite

With OnBase OnSite claims collaboration platform, insurance teams can see what the customer sees through real-time streaming video virtual field inspection.

OnBase Accelerator for Duck Creek Claims

Reduce the possibility of underwriting errors and speed up new business processes with instant access to information from within the Duck Creek interface.

OnBase Accelerators for Guidewire InsuranceSuite

By integrating OnBase enterprise content management with Guidewire, whether that’s ClaimCentre, PolicyCentre, BillingCentre or the full Guidewire InsuranceSuite™, you’ll make life easier for your employees and help them provide better service to your customers.