Why you need a connected healthcare platform [eBook]

Harness unstructured content

John is the CIO of a large healthcare system. Like you, he is responsible for ensuring health information is securely accessible to power clinical decisions and processes. John is coming to realize that his EPR isn’t the true single source of patient information he hoped for.

Follow John as he discovers departments and systems throughout his enterprise where vital clinical information is hiding, unconnected to the patient record and inaccessible to the clinical stakeholders that need it most. How can John consolidate this content and link it to key enterprise systems? A connected healthcare platform is the answer. 

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Where clinical blind spots exist within a healthcare enterprise
  • How open, standards-based enterprise imaging and content services provide a foundation for health IT interoperability
  • How to optimise and enhance your EPR investment

Connect content for better healthcare

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