Eliminate manual data entry and improve transactional efficiency

Process bottlenecks. Inefficient, manual data entry. Lost hours and rising costs.

Sound familiar?

That’s because more than 80 per cent of intelligence is trapped inside unstructured, unmanaged documents — making processes difficult to automate.

Until now.

Hyland's intelligent capture platform, Brainware, accurately sorts paper and electronic documents and seamlessly passes content to your core business applications. This allows you to more efficiently process documents, even different file types, in different languages, across different departments. And with no templates to build, it’s the fastest and most accurate way to capture content on the front end and deliver it wherever you need it.

Brainware Intelligent Capture lets you:

Analytics and reporting

Brainware Intelligent Capture also provides real-time insight and analysis into capture processing. With immediate access to metrics and key performance indicators, you are empowered to take timely and decisive action, while also having better controls for process and regulation requirements.

Platform and application integration

With the advanced technology of Brainware Intelligent Capture, your system can be up and running in days or weeks, generating ROI with page one on day one. It integrates with enterprise resource planning (ERP), content management (ECM), data management systems (DMS), and departmental and business systems without disruption. Through our integration framework, you can utilise intelligent data capture capabilities in the cloud by way of Hyland’s flexible hosting platform.

Brainware for Invoices

Alleviate costly, inefficient, manual tasks—not just simply redistribute the work throughout the organisation.

Brainware for Transcripts

Eliminate the need to manually sort and key data from even the most complex, diverse document types.

Brainware intelligent document classification

Transform the time-intensive task of manually processing documents into a fast and effective automated routine.

Turning Documents into Data

AIIM Whitepaper: Turning Documents into Data – using data capture to improve document processing

Medical Records Classification

OnBase Medical Records Classification automates capture and indexing tasks to improve accuracy, speed and consistency.