Integrations for Government Agencies

Extend the value of core government applications

Hyland’s seamless integrations with existing IT applications increase efficiencies and extend the value of the systems your agency uses on a daily basis. Our commitment to innovation and an understanding of the needs of our customers has led us to integrate our content services platform with more than 500 unique applications without custom coding.

Extend the systems you use every day

Many government agencies rely on software such as Esri, Salesforce, Oracle PeopleSoft or Workday to drive their daily operations and core processes. Hyland’s system integrations with these applications, and more, connect all the important information your staff needs to do their job quickly, accurately and efficiently. Employees can minimize switching between screens and access documents with just a single click from the familiar interfaces they use every day to reduce time-consuming searching for information.

Hyland integrations for government agencies

Esri Integrations

Esri Integrations lets GIS users access supporting documents right from the maps they use, speeding up processes like reviews and approvals.


Instantly surface all relevant documents within Salesforce and get a complete view of business relationships, enabling staff to improve interactions and make faster, better informed decisions.

Oracle PeopleSoft

Reduce manual tasks by accessing key documents directly from the PeopleSoft interface, increasing visibility to processes and facilitating compliance with regulations.


Streamline accounts payable processes within Workday and reduce manual work with automated capture of both paper and electronic documents for a complete view of all content and increased control.


The SAP integration for SAP ArchiveLink gives users access documents that support their business transactions right from their SAP screens.


Enable users to access work orders and supporting documentation directly from the maps they work with every day by integrating Citiworks® with Hyland solutions.

Tempest Prospero

Extend your Tempest solution with Electronic Plan Review for simpler, paperless management of plan sets, mark-ups, site photos, as-builts and everything in between.