Hyland Content Services Platform

Hyper-charge your application modernization

Ready to take customer experience, digital transformation, data security and compliance to the next level? Hyland’s content services platform enables you to meet modern business imperatives while empowering your people to work the way they work best.

It’s not only our industry-leading capabilities – it’s also how we bring them to you:

Intuitive and Optimized User Experience

Give your customers, end-users and administrators the benefit of modern, flexible, intuitive and optimized interfaces that help them get the job done, where and how they prefer

Connected to the Way You Work

Integrate with internal and external systems or embed Hyland capabilities into your own applications – we give you the tools to ensure your information gets to the people, systems and processes that need it

Intelligent Automation

Add automation, business logic and machine learning to transform processes, reduce errors, make more informed decisions and elevate user experience

Low code Rapid Application Development

Configure a variety of business applications – including dynamic case management and process automation – that fill in the gaps between your line-of-business systems

Data Security

Use modern data security tools and controls to protect your and your customers’ data throughout its lifecycle

Industry and Regulatory Compliance

Make it easier for your users to meet industry, privacy and security regulations, and give your administrators modern tools to manage audits and prove compliance

Content Services in the Cloud

Take advantage of the Hyland Cloud as a safe, dependable hosting option that saves money, frees up time for your staff and removes the burden of in-house data maintenance and protected storage

Extensible Content Services Platform

With our enterprise-grade platform, you can confidently expand capacity, scale performance or build your own solutions