Success in the Hyland Cloud

Grow your business with confidence in the Hyland Cloud

Leaders need to be ready to say “yes” to the opportunities of a dynamic and evolving business climate. By deploying your content services solutions in the Hyland Cloud, you can be.

Read on for real-world examples of how businesses like yours stay safe and secure every single second of the day on the Hyland Cloud, all while getting the most of their platform in a cloud atmosphere built specifically for content services.

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Discovery Benefits | Hyland

See how insurer Discovery Benefits used Hyland solutions to drive process improvements that lef to extraordinary growth

Canal Barge

Marine transporter Canal Barge gets safety – on the seas, and now on the Hyland Cloud. The enterprise points to cloud deployment as safer than its previous on-premises system.

John Carroll University

With a strategic Hyland Cloud deployment, this Midwest university started investing more in its faculty members and students, and less in installing software and adding unnecessary campus infrastructure for process improvements.

Leading Health Insurer

A leading health insurer expanded its enterprise information platform, OnBase, by moving from on-premises management to the Hyland Cloud. The result? No overwhelmed IT department, improved customer service and optimal security.