Content services solutions by department

Improve information access and processes across your healthcare enterprise

Without having all of the information you need, it’s difficult to make accurate and timely decisions, manage processes or provide superior patient care and service. Your core health information technology and business systems manage key information and perform essential functions, but every department has its share of critical, related content that these systems can’t effectively manage. 

OnBase centralises all types of critical content and connects it to the data in your core line-of-business systems to provide authorised users with instant access to all relevant information directly from their familiar system interface. 

And, with automated workflows and case management capabilities, OnBase streamlines processes across your entire organisation, for better outcomes from the ER to HR.


Administrative content services solutions help health systems streamline and automate key business processes, saving time and resources while elevating patient care and service.


Learn how OnBase can be leveraged to organise information living outside the EPR to support more informed decisions and better patient care