Cloud-Based Enterprise Imaging

The volume of medical images is growing at an accelerated pace while advances in digital imaging have led to ballooning file sizes. These converging trends demand more storage capacity at a time when most health systems find their capital funds constrained. Organisations are also searching for ways to support diagnostic interpretation and image collaboration remotely for social distancing, but face increased security threats to their systems and data.

Hyland delivers our cloud solution via software-as-a-service (SaaS) SaaS-delivered enterprise imaging is compelling solution to these challenges. It offers the storage capacity and efficiency you require today and is highly scalable to quickly adjust to your needs as your storage demands change. With SaaS-delivered enterprise imaging, hardware and software are purchased on a subscription basis, alleviating capital expenditure concerns.

When you move to Hyland Healthcare’s cloud-based enterprise imaging platform, you free yourself of the burden of software and hardware management. And in a world where downtime of any patient care system is considered unacceptable, Hyland’s SaaS-delivered solution offers high availability and improved disaster recovery.

The solution is also highly secure. In addition to a multiple layer security strategy, data is encrypted end- to- end and highly trained security professionals are on staff. Hyland is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance that promotes best practices in cloud computing and adheres to ISO, HIPAA, and NIST guidelines.

With our SAAS services you are only responsible for the administration of the application. Hyland manages the infrastructure, network, operations and governance of your solutions and maintains business continuity to ensure that you have access to your solution and the availability of sensitive data remains uncompromised.

Top Reasons to Consider Cloud Imaging

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Lower costs
  • Reduced capital expense
  • Accelerated implementations
  • Enterprise image access
  • Freed up IT resources
  • Storage management
  • Tele-radiology support
  • Facilitation of research
  • Access to AI and Machine Learning