At Hyland, we dedicate 100 percent of our research and development to building technology that helps our customers succeed — not just today, but also into the future. This means you can count on us to continue releasing new features and solutions for your users. In tandem, we will continue expanding and updating our platform with new technologies and capabilities that help your IT department simplify how they build, integrate, deploy and support modern applications.

Just released

    Continuous updates across the Hyland product suite help your organization meet business imperatives and customer expectations now and into the future. This latest release includes enhancements to process efficiency, globalization capabilities, scalability and more.

  • Intelligent capture capabilities now include 2D bar code recognition, including QR codes and other formats
  • Increased language support in intelligent capture and customer communications management enhances your ability to connect with users and customers around the world
  • Priority Work Management routes prioritized work to the right staff in the proper order, resulting in improved SLAs and overall better customer experience

Hyland Content Services Platform

Hyper-charge your application modernisation

Ready to take customer experience, digital transformation, data security and compliance to the next level? Hyland’s content services platform enables you to meet modern business imperatives while empowering your people to work the way they work best.

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