OnBase Accelerator for Duck Creek Claims

Give customers the experience they deserve by integrating Hyland content services with Duck Creek Claims

By integrating Hyland content services with Duck Creek Technologies’ policy administration software platform, you streamline underwriting and new business processing, improving access to information while automating previously manual tasks.

By adding the ability to manage business-critical documents, Hyland's OnBase content services platform extends the powerful data management functionality of Duck Creek. OnBase provides one central system for document management, version control, audit history and much more, allowing staff to focus on higher value tasks like risk evaluation and customer service.

Streamline decision-making and work management

All content surrounding a specific policy or policyholder is organised in a tabbed folder interface with supporting documents just a click away. Insurance personnel instantly access those documents directly from Duck Creek software, improving decision-making and eliminating the need to search through multiple applications, file shares or paper records.

The solution also pulls information from Duck Creek to create policy correspondence and other related documents with minimal staff involvement. In turn, activities automatically trigger workflow processes, initiating requests for information and assigning tasks to non-Duck Creek users. Insurers optimise document and data management, increasing workforce productivity and improving their essential day-to-day processes.

Empower underwriters with instant access to information

To make effective policy decisions, underwriters require information from diverse sources – which is often scattered across multiple systems and in a variety of file formats. OnBase equips underwriters to:

  • Effectively evaluate risk: Instant access to all document and data allows underwriters to review new business together, at once.
  • Assess options: That access enables quick, accurate decision-making and reduces risk associated with customer service level agreements
  • Review documents: Underwriters get a complete view of all new business documentation – including identifying whether a crucial document such as a credit report or proof of ownership is missing from the system – without leaving their Duck Creek software screen

The solution further streamlines the underwriting process by triggering activity records in Duck Creek, like indicating that a motor vehicle report has been received and captured in OnBase. It pulls key information from Duck Creek to generate policy-related documents and personalise correspondence with clients. Secure self-service gives authorised users access to relevant policy and claims documents for faster response times and increased customer service capabilities.

The OnBase integration with Duck Creek software streamlines organisations’ most crucial insurance processes, combining the powerful document management capability of OnBase with the business and data management functionality of Duck Creek.