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Hyland Healthcare’s suite of content services and enterprise imaging solutions allow healthcare providers to consolidate unstructured content and images at all corners of their organizations and link them to core enterprise systems such as EMRs, PACS, VNAs and ERPs. Our Virtual Connection Center provides on-demand access to several pre-recorded demo videos featuring many of these solutions in action. These on-demand demos include the following:

  • Enterprise image consolidation, management and access using Acuo VNA
  • Digital capture of registration forms and signatures using OnBase Mobile eCapture
  • The referential and intelligent visualization capabilities of our NilRead Enterprise and Diagnostic Viewer
  • EMR access to DICOM and non-DICOM patient images using OnBase Patient Window and NilRead Enterprise Viewer
  • Automated capture and classification of referral documents and historical patient charts using Intelligent MedRecords
  • Real-time diagnostic image collaboration between physicians using NilRead Enterprise and Diagnostic Viewer
  • Intelligent radiology worklist orchestration using our ImageNext Workflow Optimizer
  • Specialty image capture and integration using PACSgear Connectivity 
  • Visible light images and video capture using Video Touch 4K
  • Automated payer Appeals and Grievances workflows using OnBase

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