Electronic content capture

Remove the silos that isolate your electronic content

Paper documents aren’t the only ones that can be hard to find. When your relevant business information is stored in electronic form, it can get scattered across file shares, email inboxes, Microsoft SharePoint sites, fax servers and other business systems.

Import your electronic documents into a Hyland enterprise information platform. This allows you to manage them in combination with your related business content. Centralizing your information provides you with a single place to:

  • Securely access all of your important information
  • Route all related information through your business processes
  • Manage the complete cycle of corporate records

The sections below provide a closer look at all of the options available to you when importing electronic documents into your Hyland enterprise information platform.

Content Import on Demand

With OnBase, your employees can capture documents as they are created. OnBase provides a number of different methods to best fit the way you work.

Data Stream Import

Discover how Hyland capture solutions help you remove unnecessary process steps through direct importing of data streams.

Electronic Forms

Discover how emerging, collaborative technologies – like cloud-based applications and blockchain – are helping organizations thrive in the “new normal” business environment.

Email and Fax Import

Emails and faxes still take up a significant portion of how information enters your organization. Without a reliable way to organize that information, processes fall apart. Hyland enterprise information platforms empower you to capture that information from the source.

SharePoint, File Shares, and FTP Sites

Create a consistent, up-to-date central access point for all content using Hyland’s enterprise information platform to leverage existing electronic content from all of your line of business systems.