Proven capture solutions

The right tools to take control of your information

Capture is the driving force of information gathering at your organization. Without it, you don’t have the documents or data required to kick off processes, answer customer questions or make the decisions that drive business.

That’s why it’s crucial to ensure you have the right capture tools to meet your organization’s needs.

Hyland capture solutions package together the capture and automation tools that our decades of experience have shown will get the most out of your processes. Built with flexibility and scalability in mind, our solutions combine the document capture, data extraction, system integrations and deployment options necessary to drive digital transformation efforts in any industry.

Find the right fit for your organization below.

Hyland Experience Capture

Discover our cloud-based document scanning, classification and data extraction tool built on Hyland’s next-generation cloud-based platform.

Brainware Intelligent Capture

Brainware Intelligent Capture accurately sorts paper and electronic documents based on their content, lifts critical information based on its context, validates it, and seamlessly passes it to your core business applications.

Brainware for Invoices

Alleviate costly, inefficient, manual tasks—not just simply redistribute the work throughout the organization.

Brainware for Transcripts

Eliminate the need to manually sort and key data from even the most complex, diverse document types.

Medical Records Classification

OnBase Medical Records Classification automates capture and indexing tasks to improve accuracy, speed and consistency.