Brainware Intelligent Capture

Automated data capture with human-like intelligence

In an increasingly digital world, information is quickly becoming your organization’s most valuable asset. But relying on staff to manually receive, process and input information into your core systems leaves room for errors, slower processes and delayed and inaccurate decisions.

Brainware intelligent capture brings greater efficiency and accuracy to your processes by automating the capture, extraction and verification of data from documents and images – of different file types, in different languages and across departments – while providing access to key metrics and performance indicators for your processes.

Plus, powerful integration tools allow you to connect Brainware to core business systems for updating and data validation. In a single package, you get a complete document processing system that provides:

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Hyland Brainware solutions package together the capture and automation tools that will get the most out of your processes. Combining document capture, intelligent data extraction and core system integrations, Brainware solutions address the specific needs of your organization and industry.