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Experience Matters in Data Conversions 

It’s not a question of if, but when you will need to tackle a data conversion effort.

Partnering with Hyland’s data conversion experts minimizes uncertainty, reduces conversion time frames and removes the burden of risk for your teams surrounding your data migration needs.

Our professional services consultants have successfully conducted conversions from hundreds of systems in the manner you require, with service levels and remote project execution options to meet your needs.

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Data conversion services with the level of project ownership you need

From managing the project to extracting metadata and documents from legacy systems — and transforming data into a customized format that meets your exact needs — experience matters. Our data conversion service levels include:

  • Comprehensive: We take complete ownership of every aspect of the file conversion project in this turnkey, fixed-bid service.
  • Data mapping and import: This transform-and-load service is the same as the Comprehensive offering, with the exception of content extraction; we provide the specifications and then your team or a third-party provider manages extraction.
  • Export: in this fixed-bid service, we extract legacy files and metadata and you own the task of importing legacy content into your Hyland solution at your own pace.

With every level of service we ensure 100% accountability for your document and data conversions.

Strategic data conversion includes on-demand options and prioritizing projects for maximum ROI

Your organizational data is your most important asset after your people, and most organizations today are maintaining multiple, aging content repositories — many of which have been inherited through acquisition.

The value behind converting from data silos and legacy systems to a modern content service platform is not unrecognized. What often stalls these efforts is the complexity. The effort to extract data compounds with age, number and different types of systems. This increases risk.

But your data migration doesn’t have to take place all at once. There are two strategic options to consider when deciding how to approach data conversions:

  1. Prioritize. Consider the business areas where migrating to a modern platform will deliver the biggest positive impact. Prioritize business areas according to those that will enhance security, user experience, compliance and return on investment.
  2. Migrate on-demand. Consider employing the Federated File Framework (F3) services offering. With this offering, you can leave legacy files in their native storage location. Users retrieve them on-demand, when hey are needed. Upon retrieval, documents and data are converted to OnBase, the new system of record.

This means you can turn off maintenance for legacy systems and begin retrieving needed documents and data from both systems on day one, realizing the automation, mobility and security benefits of a modern platform.

F3 is also especially useful when timing is a critical factor in electing to conduct a data conversion effort. F3 removes the need to stage legacy data, eliminating the extra time and cost of temporary, intermediary storage.

Legacy systems can be decommissioned while your files stay where they are, providing faster access to all documents and reducing the security threats and user frustrations legacy systems imposes. As well excessive costs for systems that no longer deliver the return on investment (ROI) required.

A simple path to maximize the impact of your critical organizational data

Conversions are not only required as your data-driven technology and systems age, they’re often a critical component in keeping pace with today’s digital marketplace. This includes:

  • Replacing first generation data repositories and enterprise content management (ECM) systems with those that have better security, extensibility and integration capabilities.
  • Consolidating siloed repositories that inhibit strategic data-sharing, automation and instant access to information from anywhere, anytime.
  • Sunsetting legacy systems that are no longer supported by tech support, have considerable maintenance costs but no longer meet performance requirements or deliver required return on investment.

We make this simple for you with proven methodologies that result in successful and strategic data conversion outcomes.


Whether you’re looking to convert one solution or consolidate several content repositories, your Hyland platform can handle it all. Learn why hundreds of organizations have made the switch.

Conversion Service Options

Hyland offers four unique options so you can choose the level of service that best fits your conversion project’s scope, timeline and budget.

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We offer multiple service levels designed to meet your specific scope, timeline and budgetary needs. Learn more about Hyland’s conversion services.