Managed Services

We’ll meet you where you are with expert resources to keep critical projects moving forward

IT professionals are challenged daily with not only designing and implementing innovative, secure new solutions, but also maintaining and optimizing those already in place. While organizational leaders see the benefits of digital transformation, many IT workers are so entrenched with getting day to-day work done that they don’t have time to think beyond daily tasks.

The big question is how to leverage the resources to move innovative or critical projects forward without perpetually adding headcount to the IT organization? 

Our customers are increasingly realizing there is great value in engaging Managed Services experts to keep strategic project momentum.

Leveraging Managed Services experts to get projects over the finish line

Hyland’s Managed Services provide options to extend your in-house staff in key areas where you could use an extra set of expert hands to keep projects moving forward:

Our Managed Services provide predictable and flexible access to Hyland experts so that your teams can rise to the challenge of creating transformative innovation in the
ever evolving content services technology landscape. 

  • On-Demand Services: subscription-based, this service provides continual access to technical experts, beyond the scope of tech support. It is an expert on tap when you
    need one.
  • Staff Augmentation Services: an expert in a certain discipline — from areas of technical specialty like cloud managed services to proficient project management — joins your in-house staff, working at your direction for as long as you need to get a project over the finish line.
  • Outsourced System Administration: an expert joins your team, on-site or remotely, to assume the day-to-day maintenance tasks of your information management solutions. This service is especially useful when your system administrator goes on vacation or on leave, or when onboarding a new person for this role. It eliminates the need to pull resources from other key initiatives to keep systems running optimally.  

For the duration of a Managed Services engagement our Hyland experts work at your direction, as an extension of your team and productive from day one. We also share methodologies and proven tactics with your team along the way. This increases the knowledge of team members who become increasingly capable in strategic areas of content services delivery.

On-Demand Services

Continual access to the best minds in the industry; the answers when you need them

Staff Augmentation

There is no need to hire permanent staff for a temporary technical resource

Outsourced System Administration

Support your staff or fill a temporary system administration vacancy with a Hyland expert

Business Process Outsourcing

Ensure documents and the information users need are promptly available from business systems, cloud solutions and automated content services workflows